About Shiraz Siddque

Rallying a core group, Shiraz Siddique founded Christian Business Harvest Network to grow the Competence and Confidence of Business Professionals to fulfill their God-given capacities.

His motivating and inspirational style nurtures the type of faith that propels people towards a Passionate Pursuit of Purpose. Through practical Business Skillset development, CBHN endeavors to build a Christian Mindset towards harvesting the fulness of the seed God had deposited in our DNA.

"Joy is not the opposite of sadness - it's a daily choice despite the difficulties we face."

Chapter 5 - Life is Like a Fast Food Combo

"If you succeed at the wrong things, you’re failing already."

Chapter 6 - Cut It Out!

Collection: Products

"There are needs on earth that God has deposited the solutions for in the uniqueness of your DNA"

Chapter 10 - Faith is in the Followthrough

Upcoming Book ...

Moses' life was filled with all the comforts the world tell us we need to be satisfied. Family, income, control, but a burning bush sparked his dehydrated dream to see His people free from bondage. The burning bush reflected the simmering and unsettling fire that he could no longer ignore. Safe But Not Satisfied was written to address the uncomfortable gnawing that keeps you feeling unsettled until you turn and face it. It's not a lack of gratefulness for what you have, but about maximizing your full potential in God. If your desire is to step into your future, free from the constraints of the past, then Safe But Not Satisfied is for you. Are you ready to explore more of what's in your core and make it a reality? The world is waiting for you to be to solution and resolution to the challenges we experience and you could be the person God is waiting on.