Our existence was meant for more than just living a good life or ‘the good life’. That’s why Well Done goes a little deeper than the typical spiritual self-improvement, motivational or self-help book.
It’s about ensuring we are pleasing God and learning to be spirit-led instead, making our purpose a central part of a life is worth living. Finding your calling is an extra shot of faith motivation for every Christian to surrender the unnecessary and find a path to pick up the necessary perspective of eternal purpose!
If you sense God’s timing in aligning your daily pursuits, then Well Done will send you in the direction of your amazing and awesome God-given Destiny!

Well Done - A Passionate Pursuit Of Purpose

Becoming at what we are better at.

Ch1 - Practicing Judgment Day

Shiraz Siddique

Shiraz Siddique’s mentorship is felt in both corporate and church settings as he leans into his pastoral and business experience. As a speaker, media host and business leader, he purposes to align everyone’s ambition with their God-given mission.


“Are you waiting for an invitation for your liberation? Get your RSVP in the mail ASAP!”

Chapter 6 - Cut It Out!

“The DNA God deposited within you will never shrink to the level of your past failures.”

Chapter 9 - Two-Factor Authentication