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For many, the concept and consideration of a coming Judgment Day can be overwhelming or perhaps avoided all together. In "Well Done: A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose," Shiraz provides the necessary insight into a path of preparation. This is not an apocalyptic end-times book. It is about recognizing and valuing today as much as the day when Christ returns. With Biblically centered concepts, relatable analogies, and inspiring stories, Well Done is a transformative journey that will be a source of excitement as we sanctify and pursue our purposes.

- Bill Markham, Host, 700 Club Canada

Chapter 1

Practicing Judgement Day

  • What looks good in Church may not look good in Eternity.
  • What scale are we going to be measured against in Eternity?
  • We carry a responsibility to become better at what we are better at
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Chapter 2

The Patch Must Match

  • Wearing a superhero costume does not make you a superhero
  • Do not incubate what God never intended for you to hatch
  • Innovating our wineskin is more aligned with God than always reaching for the next new shiny thing

Chapter 3

The Rich Get Richer. Amen.

  • What we do when no one sees is always seen in plain sight
  • A Poverty Mentality says we Deserve something and quick to blame others - It's the government's fault!
  • A Prosperous Mentality says it is my responsibility and accountability to Develop my skills and ability

Chapter 4

On that Day Two Grind

  • Majority of life is lived in between here and there and between this and that. Embrace the journey.
  • We need to be aware of the timing of our opportunities and if we are about to move from ripe to over-ripe.
  • Consider ways to keep your batteries charged and fix the bend in the hose

Chapter 5

Life is NOT Like a Box of Chocolate

  • The by-product of productivity. Embrace it all; the good, the bad and the smelly!
  • Mining the Gold in our hills is determining what we were born with. That is the gateway to understanding what we were born for.
  • Your commitment is measured by the amount of patience and pressure you're willing to endure.
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Chapter 6

Cut it Out!

  • If you succeed at the wrong things, you are failing already
  • Being mindful of the elements that are consistently cutting in on you to distract you
  • Do not dismiss the pebble in your shoe as an annoyance. It could be the impetus to create change in your life and for others

Chapter 7

Greener Grass

  • Be your own accountant by measuring ALL your resources
  • Understanding the difference between Baggage and Luggage
  • Casara Saraa”, is an extremely dangerous existence!

Chapter 8

Embrace the Grace

  • Even if we make our bed in hell, His grace will always be ready to restore us
  • The twin impact of mercy and grace can be nullified if we do not activate and apply it
  • Patience is an overlooked entity that plays a critical role in landing in the places and spaces God has laid our for us

Chapter 9

Two Factor Authentication

  • God has signed-off on our purposes and is just waiting for us to pick up our cross
  • How to stickhandle the abundance of noise and information that creates hesitation
  • Ownership is the driver that will propel your forward into fulfilment

Chapter 10

Faith is in the Follow Through

  • Developing the muscle memory of faith
  • Taking a look at what the Heroes of our Faith were willing to go through to play their part in establishing the Kingdom of God
  • Evaluating our actions in terms of being acts of faith of acts of visible facts
Available from May 10th 2023

"Your soul blossoms into poetry in motion when your passion aligns with your

God-given purpose"

Chapter 9 - Two-Factor Authentication

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Our capacity to love God must be evidenced by our capacity to be gracious towards one another

Chapter 8 - Embrace the Grace

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